Details and symbols of my painting ”Searching for Yourself”-oil on canvas, 80x55cm; 2019

Details and symbols of my painting ”Searching for Yourself”-oil on canvas, 80x55cm; 2019

Category : Art

Symbols and Elements in ” Searching for yourself ”:
The bright stars in the top left corner form the Aquarius Constellation which represents the Age of Aquarius in which we currently live. In this age, more and more people start searching for themselves, ask questions, seek information, and gradually shake off their old beliefs. The falling pages turning into autumn leaves are everything old, which goes away and no longer works… During this unique period, more and more secrets are being revealed. The small planet comes out of the shadow of the bigger one, just as the hidden knowledge is already appearing and becoming accessible to everybody who is ready for it.

The journey of finding yourself is often hard and confusing. The feeling of insecurity and lack of a solid foundation appears suddenly when one starts that journey. It is represented by the round stones that hang out in the air, not particularly stable, which are the only support of the reading woman.

However hard that process is, it is greatly rewarding too. Beautiful sceneries are being revealed (for this I chose such a background) and sooner or later inner peace and harmony will be achieved and justify all the difficulties.

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