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Made 2004!

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Made 2004! Friend of mine(also artcollector) just sent me these pictures. I think the frame is really nice…

Originals-SOLD. Canvas prints are available at FineArtAmerica

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Originals-SOLD. Canvas prints are available at FineArtAmerica:
click here:

BeArte Gallery just posted my new painting ”Searching for Yourself”

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BeArte Gallery just posted my new painting ”Searching for Yourself”. I’m pleased to share with you what they wrote about the painting. Thank you very very much to the whole team!

“Searching For Yourself” amazing, surreal painting by Svetoslav Stoyanov. You can buy this artwork online directly from the artist at BeArte Gallery.

The artist’s compositions depict realistic features in an imaginary context. He disapproves the restrictions in the art following a belief that art should be free and self-expressing.

Stoyanov manages to playfully combine the subconscious imagery with strong ties to reality maintaining individual style in his artworks. “Searching For Yourself” is a fairytale about searching for your own soul, your goals, desires, searching in order to know who you are. The surrealistic picture of a levitating woman, supported by falling stones. They symbolize how fragile the vision of ourselves is and also that we are able to change everything by ourselves. The book is a symbol of knowledge and experience of life, maybe the reincarnation.
Torn out cards as a symbol of what has already been experienced. The autumn leaf as a symbol that everything has the end, and that all will pass away someday.
On the background, the planets, the stars, and the setting sun suggest a relationship with secret knowledge, with the mystery of human being life.”

Made 21 years ago….

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Made 21 years ago….Just received this pictures from a happy costumer. I can’t remember the names of the paintings. But definitely they are made with water colors…

Three of my biggest oil paintings.

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Three of my biggest oil paintings. Which one is your favorite(if you have any)?

Details and symbols of my painting ”Searching for Yourself”-oil on canvas, 80x55cm; 2019

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Symbols and Elements in ” Searching for yourself ”:
The bright stars in the top left corner form the Aquarius Constellation which represents the Age of Aquarius in which we currently live. In this age, more and more people start searching for themselves, ask questions, seek information, and gradually shake off their old beliefs. The falling pages turning into autumn leaves are everything old, which goes away and no longer works… During this unique period, more and more secrets are being revealed. The small planet comes out of the shadow of the bigger one, just as the hidden knowledge is already appearing and becoming accessible to everybody who is ready for it.

The journey of finding yourself is often hard and confusing. The feeling of insecurity and lack of a solid foundation appears suddenly when one starts that journey. It is represented by the round stones that hang out in the air, not particularly stable, which are the only support of the reading woman.

However hard that process is, it is greatly rewarding too. Beautiful sceneries are being revealed (for this I chose such a background) and sooner or later inner peace and harmony will be achieved and justify all the difficulties.

New original! ”Searching for Yourself”-oil on canvas, 80x55cm; 2019

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Just finished my new painting ”Searching for Yourself”. The canvas is not the biggest one of the world but took me almost 3 months to finish it.

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