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New easel and new empty canvas…

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New easel and new empty canvas…It’s time to start a new painting 🙂

Magic World in ”Room of Dreams ”

Category : Art

Magic World in ”Room of Dreams” painting by Svetoslav Stoyanov. Remember 30 days return right and free shipping are guaranteed-BeAtre Gallery-Denmark

New easel just arrived!

Category : Art

New easel just arrived! Can’t wait to start a new bigger painting…

Create a special atmosphere in your place

Category : Art

Create a special atmosphere in your place with magical artwork by Svetoslav Stoyanov – ‘No Limit’-oil on canvas, 75×50 cm (HxW). Details in the BeArteGallery-Denmark. Great service and Free Shipping included.

Gray living room in scandinavian style with couch and stove

Resently Sold-acrylic print of ”The End Of The Road”

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It’s a good start of the day. Resently Sold-acrylic print of ”The End Of The Road”-10.125″ x 14.000″.
Thanks for all kind comments!


Detail of ”One Silent Moment”

Category : Art

Detail of ”One Silent Moment”. Original-SOLD

”KINDRED SOULS” in few steps

Category : Art

”KINDRED SOULS” in few steps. It took me two months to finish this painting

KINDRED SOULS-70-50cm. oil on canvas,2018

It’s holiday time…but I can’t leave the brushes…:)

Category : Art

”The End of Autumn”-oil on canvas, 40x50cm. 2018
© Svetoslav Stoyanov Art

Recently Sold

Category : Art

July 2018

LAST DEFENDER-40x40cm.;oil on canvas;2013 SOLD

SILENT SYMPHONY-oil on canvas,41x56cm.2012 SOLD


WHEN THE WATER'S GONE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.-2012 THE END OF AUTUMN-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018 SILENT SYMPHONY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD ROOM OF DREAMS-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2012-1024x801 REMEMBRANCE FOR THE FUTURE-oil-on-canvas41x56.2016-1024x731 PIECE OF HEAVEN-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018 PARALLEL WORLD-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD ONE SILENT MOMENT-oil-on-canvas-41x56cm.2014 SOLD NO LIMIT-70X50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2017-674x1024 NO GRAVITY-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2012 SOLD LOST DIRECTION-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2011-1024x811 LIGHTS AND SHADOWS-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018-web-1024x815 LAST DEFENDER-40x40cm.oil-on-canvas 2013-SOLD KINDRED-SOULS-70-50cm.-oil-on-canvas 2018-676x1024 INNOCENCE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2015-722x1024 ILLUSION-OF-TIME-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD GAME-OF-CHANGE-oil-on-canvas45x60cm.2013-757x1024 FREE SPIRIT-40x40cm.oil-on-canvas2013-1022x1024 CREATOR OF REALITY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-741x1024 Before The Night-oil-on-canvas-40x50cm.-2018-815x1024 AUTUMN OF LIFE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-739x1024 ALONE-oil-on-canvas-50x40cm.-2018-819x1024 ABANDONED PLANET-oil on canvas,41x56cm.2014 DEJA-VU-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD IMAGINATION-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2011 THE END OF THE ROAD-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 BALANCE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 CHILDHOOD MEMORY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 ENDLESS-PAST-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD THE NEW BABYLON-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD CHANGEMAKER-60X45cm. oil on canvas, 2018

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