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Made 26 years ago!

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Friend of mine is the owner of this painting and just sent me a picture. I made it 26 years ago.
”Storm”-20x30cm. watercolors, 1992

…and some details

Christmas gift idea:

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Christmas gift idea:click here:

New original!

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Just finished my new oil painting.
”Changemaker”-oil on canvas, 45x60cm. 2018

Another detail of my new painting ”Changemaker”

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This is the main detail of my new painting called ”Changemaker”. 

Unfinished detail of my new painting ”Changemaker”

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Unfinished detail of my new painting ”Changemaker”. The end is near…


The name of my new painting is….

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The name of my new painting is”Changemaker”. The canvas size is 60x45cm. More details coming soon…


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I’m pleased to share with you the positive critic I received from INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF ART CRITICS (ICAC). This is a new and important step in my artistic career.
Please find attachment below.

ICAC Svetoslav Stoyanaov Critique by Timothy Warrington

ICAC is a community of professionals qualified in History of Art, Curatorial Studies and other related fields. Their role is as an interpreter, a translator of the wonderful disciplines incorporated in visual art. Art Critics have the responsibility to act as a link between the viewer and the artwork.

Visit ICAC site

New framed art print available here:

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Add depth and texture to your Framed Art Print with a wood scoop frame. Our Framed Prints provide a contemporary aesthetic that looks awesome by itself or as part of a gallery wall. Available in six sizes, in white or black frame options.
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New painting in progress!

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New painting in progress!
This is just the background. Now is time to turn this landscape into surreal artwork.

And some details…

The first picture of my new painting.

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The first picture of my new painting. Started two days ago. It looks like dramatic landscape but will be something surreal.


WHEN THE WATER'S GONE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.-2012 THE END OF AUTUMN-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018 SILENT SYMPHONY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD ROOM OF DREAMS-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2012-1024x801 REMEMBRANCE FOR THE FUTURE-oil-on-canvas41x56.2016-1024x731 PIECE OF HEAVEN-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018 PARALLEL WORLD-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD ONE SILENT MOMENT-oil-on-canvas-41x56cm.2014 SOLD NO LIMIT-70X50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2017-674x1024 NO GRAVITY-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2012 SOLD LOST DIRECTION-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2011-1024x811 LIGHTS AND SHADOWS-40x50cm.-oil-on-canvas-2018-web-1024x815 LAST DEFENDER-40x40cm.oil-on-canvas 2013-SOLD KINDRED-SOULS-70-50cm.-oil-on-canvas 2018-676x1024 INNOCENCE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2015-722x1024 ILLUSION-OF-TIME-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-SOLD GAME-OF-CHANGE-oil-on-canvas45x60cm.2013-757x1024 FREE SPIRIT-40x40cm.oil-on-canvas2013-1022x1024 CREATOR OF REALITY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-741x1024 Before The Night-oil-on-canvas-40x50cm.-2018-815x1024 AUTUMN OF LIFE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2012-739x1024 ALONE-oil-on-canvas-50x40cm.-2018-819x1024 ABANDONED PLANET-oil on canvas,41x56cm.2014 DEJA-VU-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD IMAGINATION-oil-on-canvas41x50cm.2011 THE END OF THE ROAD-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 BALANCE-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 CHILDHOOD MEMORY-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011 ENDLESS-PAST-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD THE NEW BABYLON-oil-on-canvas41x56cm.2011-SOLD CHANGEMAKER-60X45cm. oil on canvas, 2018

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